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This is an example of a typical challenge encountered from time to time in settings where men are working with young children –

“A mother has complained to our manager because her daughter told her that a male member of staff had pulled down her trousers. He did, he was on toileting duty to cover a member of staff who was ill and the child needed help on the toilet. This is very normal in our setting, we have a lot of young children who need help and one person each session whose job it is to help them. He followed all our protocols while doing this.

She is very angry that we did not explicitly tell her that male members of staff would be changing her child. She has been with us for a few weeks, the child’s keyperson is male and all our documentation states that all staff fulfil all roles in the setting.

Our policies state that there is no differentiation between male and female members of staff. All staff (and children) are treated equal, all members¬†of staff take part in every aspect of childcare. We have had children of many different backgrounds and a complaint like this has never been made by anyone before.”

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