Fatherhood Institute Initiative

I was delighted to join colleagues in York, the week before last, speaking at a conference to kick off their Men into Childcare initiative. It was a really positive event with over 50 attendees – including 2 briliiantly behaved boys who sat patiently through the whole thing! There was a real buzz,  great conversations and engagement with some practical suggestions and pledges to take action. I understand that the feedback was very positive. I have brought some of that positivity back with me down south, ready for our own Southampton kick-off meeting, next Wednesday.   Watch this space!

In 2 weeks time, 2 colleagues from Birmingham university are joining us to continue their research, observing male and female practitioners. I have managed to organise visits to several settings in the area where men have been spotted working!


Southampton Area Men in Early Years (SAMEY) have arrived on the internet! We hope you like our site and find it useful. We will update the different sections with details of our activities, photos, profiles, videos, links and anything that seems relevant and useful. Do get in touch if you want more information or you would like to be involved. Everyone is welcome to join us.